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JAMSTACK Analytics

This website is to showcase the possibility of browser based analytics within JAMSTACK CMS systems such as Docusaurus.

SQL Frames provides browser based in-memory analytics. As it is based on JavaScript and runs entirely within the browser, it is a natural fit to provide embedded analytics within JAMSTACK based CMS.


SQL Frames (@sqlframes/repl-app) can be integrated into your existing Docusaurus site by using the following packages and following the installation instructions.

  1. @sqlframes/docusaurus-plugin - a plugin package to integrate with Docusaurus.
  2. @sqlframes/docusaurus-components - a package that provides access to REPL React component to evalute and display SQL Frames scripts. It can be used directly within the tsx, md and mdx files to author content mixed with analytics usng Docusaurus docs, pages and blog posts.


If you would like to have in-browser analytics offered by SQL Frames integrated into your JAMSTACK or CMS system, contact us at info @