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Welcome to Jamstack Analytics

· 2 min read

JAMSTACK has emerged as an architecture from 2015. It is a technology stack that uses Javascript, API and Markup as the ingredients to deliver scalable, responsive, cost effective applications and E-ecommerce websites by leveraging technologies like server-side pre-rendering and CDNs.

There are many companies trying to provide low-code application platforms some specifically targeted towards internal applications. Often these platforms mandate the entire techstack, from database to user interface to process orchestration. However, often the data needed for these internal applications is stored in multiple systems and JAMSTACK based applications is a viable low-code alternative to build such internal apps.

These internal apps can be for efficient execution of sales, proactive monitoring of infrastructure or mundane but important task of managing data quality.

No matter what the application is, there is often a need for analytics and SQL Frames is pioneering the ability to embed analytics within JAMSTACK. With its client-side analytics engine written entirely within JavaScript, and the provided React components to integrate SQL Frames into JAMSTACK, giving the Markup, all that is left is for the internal app developer to bring their API to complete the JAM in JAMSTACK to provide highly interactive analytics and data exploration capabilities to the business users.

See this sample JAMSTACK dashboard to get a feel for end user experience of JAMSTACK analytics.