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Codeforces Submissions Analyzer

This page analyzes all the submissions of a codeforces user.

Codeforces user handle



The slicer displayed inline here or at the top of the page can be used for interactive analysis. Displaying the slicer fixed at the top of the page avoids scrolling up and down to slice.



Progress over time

The following report trends the cumulative best rating against best rating within a day. The cumulative best rating indicates when was the first time a higher difficulty problem is solved. Only when someone reaches consistency, both trends will look similar.


Right click on any data point in the following charts to view the underlying data!


Those who reached 3,500 rating may still participate in lower divisions like Div 3 and 4 and so the rating on a particular day may look bad. Using the slicer and picking only Div 1 and Div 1 + Div 2 will ensure only the higher rating contests are used to analyze the consistency.

Submissions by Verdict

A submission is successful only if the verdict is OK. SKIPPED is fine too. All other verdicts indicate an issue with the submission. CHALLENGED means the submission got hacked!


Solved by Problem

Codeforces contest problems are numbered alphabetically starting from A with later letters having higher rating. Sometimes problems are further qualified with a suffix number such as A1, A2 and so on.


Solved by Rating

The rating of problems on codeforces varies from 800 to 3,500. The solved problems rating determines the rating of the users. A rating of 2,400 is needed to be a Grandmaster while more than 3,000 is needed to become a Legendary grandmaster.

Recent problems

Note that the rating is not available for some of the recent problems and they are eventually provided.

Solved by Tag

The problems on codeforces are tagged by techniques needed to solve the problems.

double counting

Since a problem can have many tags, the counts don't add up.

Success rate over time



Listed below is both the initial data as well as the sliced data driving the analysis.


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  1. Why is this not working?

    Sometimes the codeforces API may be down. Give it a few minutes and try again.

  2. Is the user handles I am analyzing being tracked?

    This service is entirely browser based and no interactivity is sent to our servers. However, do note that server-side calls are made via the codeforces API and the corresponding privacy policies are governed by codeforces.

  3. What technology is used to build this app?

    This is a demo website of SQL Frames to showcase how analytics can be embedded into JAMSTACK tools, applications and websites. Please visit SQL Frames to learn more.