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To install SQL Frames integrations with Docusaurus, first install the following packages.

npm install @sqlframes/docusaurus-plugin@latest @sqlframes/docusaurus-components@latest


yarn add @sqlframes/docusaurus-plugin@latest @sqlframes/docusaurus-components@latest


In the docusaurus.config.json file, add the following

  plugins: [

In addition customFields fields of the config JSON node should be configured. Sample code below

  customFields: {
sqlframes: {
version: 'latest', // or any valid version of @sqlframes/repl-app such as 0.12.1
license: {"data":{"domain":"localhost","expiry_date":"2022/09/30"},"signature":"CC1gnQL48/Vlt/RoPYTfKA5KSA191foKpl5mlYLHtj53kpZTIj6pnr4+KYiRmuetkx12HWHNzcBMLsvmt8dv6A=="} // this is the SQL Frames license key


Within docusaurus content such as pages, docs or blog posts, it is possible to embed analytics components that completely run within the browser using this package. The code looks as follows.

import { REPL } from '@sqlframes/docusaurus-components';


return DataFrame.fromURL('');


Rest of the documentation provides more examples of using REPL component to create dashboards, storyboards and analytics apps.