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See license for details about SQL Frames license, 3rd party software used and EULA.

The software by default comes with a SQL Frames license key for localhost and is fully functional and is suitable for personal use. A separate commercial license can be obtained to deploy it to a custom domain to share and collaborate with larger teams, the entire department or organization. Please contact for further details.

Once the license is obtained, it needs to be updated in ./docusaurus.config.js file. Look for customFields.sqlframes.license. It looks as follows.

license: {"data":{"domain":"localhost","expiry_date":"2022/09/30"},"signature":"CC1gnQL48/Vlt/RoPYTfKA5KSA191foKpl5mlYLHtj53kpZTIj6pnr4+KYiRmuetkx12HWHNzcBMLsvmt8dv6A=="}

The license for localhost also has an expiry date. When your license key expires, just contact for a free localhost license key. Please feel free to include any details of how this sofware if helping you, we would love to hear all the success stories.